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What is Forensic Psychiatry? It is a medical subspecialty that has been practiced for centuries but only achieved Board Certification in 1994 when the first Board Exams were given. The word Forensic comes from the Latin word forensis meaning public and from the word forum which together have come to mean suitable to Courts. Forensic Psychiatry refers to the application of the science and art of Medical and Psychiatric knowledge to legal issues.

What is the training of a Forensic Psychiatrist?  A Forensic Psychiatrist is a Physician who is a Medical Doctor who has graduated from a School of Medicine and received an M.D. degree. The Forensic Psychiatrist must pass a Medical Licensing Board Examination to obtain a License to Practice Medicine.  After becoming a Physician, the Forensic Psychiatrist completes an internship and residency in Psychiatry. The next step is successful completion of an examination to become Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry.  Then, after additional experience and training, the Forensic Psychiatrist completes another Board Examination to become Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Forensic Psychiatry.

Who needs a Forensic Psychiatrist?   A Forensic Psychiatrist examines individuals by self referral or referred by Attorneys, both Defense Attorneys and Prosecuting Attorneys, Judges, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies, Pharmaceutical Companies and Employers with Occupational issues that involve both Criminal and Civil cases. The Forensic Psychiatrist also reviews all available information and materials pertinent to the issues and provides consultation and Expert Witness Testimony.

Some Categories of Forensic Psychiatric Services

Battered Woman Syndrome Brain Disease Behavior Competency to Stand Trial  Confidentiality Criminal Responsibility Dangerousness Disability Geriatrics Hypnosis Informed Consent Independent Medical Evaluations Insanity Defense Involuntary Hospitalization Institutional Abuse Juvenile Delinquency Medical Malpractice Medication effects of Criminal Culpability Multiple Personality Disorder Neglect Occupational Fitness for Duty Occupational Violence Post Conviction Relief Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Psychiatric Abuse Psychological Autopsy Right to Refuse Treatment Spousal Abuse Standard of Care Suicide Treatment Boundaries


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